The virtual reality headset that’s more immersive than Oculus Rift

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It may already be too late for Palmer Luckey to start looking over his shoulder.

That’s because VR Union, a two-year old startup based in Prague, has leapfrogged his advances in virtual reality by creating virtual-reality goggles with a display that is triple the resolution of anything else available on the market.

VR Union isn’t widely known, but that’s likely to change. Its breakthrough—ultra-high definition, or “4K” in industry parlance, head-mounted displays—brings the VR world closer than ever to a fully immersive and believable experience, one that seems drawn from The Matrix.

“We believe that VR is on an inevitable path to higher-resolution, better-quality displays,” says Michael Buckwald, CEO of Silicon Valley-based Leap Motion, a company that has developed a platform for motion control in VR. “4K is an exciting next step to make VR more immersive.”

When 22-year-old Luckey sold his company, Oculus VR, to Facebook [fortune-stock symbol=”FB”]…

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