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The shopping experience

A detail or a store is a company that offers a selection of products and offers to exchange or sell them to customers for cash or other goods. Shopping is an activity in which a customer scans the available goods or services provided by one or more retailers with intent to purchase a suitable choice of them. In some contexts, it can be considered a leisure activity as well as economic.

In modern time customer focus is transferred to more online shopping; people worldwide order products from different regions and online retailers deliver their products to their homes, offices or wherever they want. B2C (business to consumer) process has made it easy for consumers to choose a product online on the website of a retailer and have it delivered to the consumer in no time. The consumer does not need to consume energy coming out in stores and saves time and travel expenses.

A woman shopping in a US shopping center in December 2005
The shopping experience can vary from delicious to terrible, based on a variety of factors, including how the customer is treated, the convenience, the type of goods purchased, and mood.

The shopping experience can also be influenced by other buyers. For example, the search for a field experiment revealed that male and female consumers who have been accidentally hit from behind by other shoppers have left a store earlier that people who had not been affected and evaluated more negatively brands resulting from the accidental effect interpersonal Touch. According to a 2000 report in the American state of New York, women buy 80% of all consumer goods and influence 80% of health care decisions.


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